Wedding Makeup Tips for Green-Colored Eyes

Green-colored eyes are one of the most desired and striking eye colors. However, choosing the appropriate eye shadow to highlight green is not the same as that of the blue-colored eyes. This is one of the mistakes that is commonly committed. Choose a shadow color that will enhance the green color to show their inherent shine. Here are some tips on how to highlight the green color of your eyes with proper eye wedding makeup.

Earth tones like gold and brown are good choices for green eyes.

Dark green or chocolate brown eye shadow highlighted with gold and copper are perfect, as they draw out the twinkle of green eyes.

Having some gold undertones will likewise enhance green-colored eyes.

Use a layering effect by putting together quite a few different eye shadow colors and mix them well for an excellent look.

For instance, bring out a richer tone of chocolate brown on your lids by using a gold or light green highlighter.

You can also use various shade of eyeliner pencils to have this effect.

Other shadows that brides with green eyes can use are purple and maroon. With the proper color and blending of eye shadow wedding makeup, green eyes will be more striking.