Wedding Makeup Tips for Heart and Diamond Face Shapes

Knowing your face shape will make your wedding makeup to look perfect. If you have a heart or diamond face shape, then this blog is for you.

Heart Face Shape is characterized with a narrow chin and wide forehead.

  • Add width to your jaw line and chine, use a lighter foundation and to reduce the width of your forehead, use a darker foundation.
  • Follow the normal arch of your eyebrows and make it thick and straight. However, observe an eye distance amid your brows.
  • Apply lipstick on your natural lip line.
  • Apply a white eyeshadow or highlighter on the center of your forehead as well as to the sides of your cheeks’ sides to give an impression of breadth.
  • Apply blush on the superior part of your cheek base.
  • Diamond Face Shape is distinguished with a narrow chin and forehead but with wide cheek bones.

  • Achieve an oval face shape by reducing the extreme width of your cheeks.
  • Choose a dark foundation shade and apply it to the exterior side of the cheekbones. Extend it to the external corner of your eyes.
  • Apply light foundation shade on the forehead and chin to make your face wider. Follow the curve of your eyebrows, but make sure it is a little off-center.
  • Follow the contour of your lips when applying lip color.
  • Wait for more wedding makeup tips for the other different shapes on my next post.