Wedding Makeup Tips for Spring

Spring is a nice time for weddings. It is the time of the year when flowers are in bloom so you get to have plenty of choices as well as with colors. In fact, it is the most popular season for weddings.

To make your big day more memorable and in style, follow these spring wedding makeup tips.

Accentuate Your Eyes. To do this, apply a heavy eye shadow and liner. Use some false eye lashes.

Add a Dash of Color. Make your lips your central point by choosing the lip color that you are confident on wearing. Try different shades of lipstick months prior to your big day. Use these when you are going out or even when at home. It would also be wise to get the comments of your future spouse. Pink is a good choice for spring and there is always an available pink hue that will match any skin tone.

If you prefer the classic and stylish look, use neutral colors for your eyes and lips. Achieve a delicate retro appeal by putting a small wing on applying the eyeliner.

Regardless of whatever appeal you want to project, always choose a wedding makeup that will make you comfortable and confident.