Wedding Makeup: Tips on Choosing a Lipstick Color for a Formal Occasion like Wedding

Jan. 11 A

Choosing a lipstick color to use on your wedding day is delicate, particularly if you are doing your own makeup. This is also a crucial thing if you do not usually wear lipstick.

Jan. 13 B

Pick a lip color that blends with your skin tone. Knowing your skin tone will lead you to the right lipstick color. The classic five lipstick color will suit any good-looking and blushing bride. A brighter pink lip color suits any skin color.

Jan. 13 I

For a Night Wedding

Select whether it is your eyes or lips you want to accentuate.

lip color

If you want to highlight your eyes, make your lips subtle. So choose a lipstick color that matches the tone of your skin is recommended or use a faint liner and put some gloss for a nude look.

Jan. 13 F

If you want your eyes to look natural, then accentuate your lips by playing up a pout. Use a liner that slightly darker that your lipstick. Apply lip color that blends with your skin tone.

Jan. 13 H

There are plenty of lipstick colors to choose from so you definitely will find one that suits the tone of your skin. Ask assistance from the makeup counter. Remember that the best test to check if the lip color suits your skin tone is to apply it at the back of your hand. Try as many as you can and ask someone to come with you when shopping.

Jan. 13 E

The color of lipstick matters in the total wedding makeup look, so be good at it!