Wedding Makeup: Tips on Curling Eyelashes and Applying Mascara

Your wedding makeup will look complete and satisfying with nicely curled eyelashes. This will make lashes to look fuller and longer as they will point upwards. Two tools can very well do this job: the common metal curler or the heated lash curler.

Once the lashes are curled, apply mascara for a lengthier appearance. Cosmetics stores and outlets sell various brands of mascara.

Try the mascara first before finally making a purchase. Let the thickness and length of your lashes be your basis for the type of mascara that you require.

Apply mascara starting from the bottom of your lashes and slowly move it outwards.

Coat the lashes on one eye then do the same on the other eye. Allow the mascara to dry before applying a second coating. Start the second coating on the eye where it was applied first then move on the other eye.

Avoid a cakey mascara look on your lashes; therefore, do not coat it too much. If it already looks good, longer, thicker and appealing with the first coating, then do not apply another coating.

Let your lashes look natural even with mascara for a striking wedding makeup.