Wedding Makeup Tips to be Observed

Whether you have a professional wedding makeup artist or you are doing it yourself, the following makeup tips must be observed for a better look.

• Avoid using glittery products as this does not look good in pictures. For excellent results, go for a satin or matte finish.

• Maintain a more natural and defined look. This refers to making yourself look better by defining your lips with a lip liner and using an eyebrow pencil for your brows.

• Go for natural, perfect and kissable lips. Apply petroleum jelly days before the wedding to keep your lips soft. Choose a lip color that compliments your lips. A line and gloss will maintain natural-looking lips. Use a lipstick and gloss for picture-taking purposes and during the reception.

• However, put on a heavier makeup than the normal but still maintaining a natural look. Very light makeup does not photograph well so add a bit more. Go a little heavy with your eyeshadow, mascara and blusher. A professional wedding makeup artist understands the meaning of heavy yet natural makeup.

• Avoid using any products with SPF on your wedding day. They give a whitish shine in pictures. Use them on other days.

• Be careful when covering blemishes. Of course, you do not want them to be visible, however, do not overdo it. Photoshop is a good tool, anyway! Nevertheless, choose a highly skilled wedding makeup artist for this job!