Wedding Makeup Tips: Use Lip Plumpers

Fuller lips will make you more attractive and sexier on your wedding.  Several lip plumpers can make it look fleshy and curvy but choosing can be quite difficult.

Wedding makeup tips to make your lips fuller include:

Natural lip aids including cinnamon, ginger and spice oils.  Upside:  cheaper and last you longer.  Downside:  Annoying and can make you feel sore.  Hint:  Revitalize the natural lip aid repeatedly all day to sustain your pout.

Chemical products like marine collagen and hyaluronic acid.  They contain peptides that keep your lips fuller all day.  Upside:  No itchy sensation and are comfortable.

Whatever lip plumper you choose, check if they have the following substances.

Hydration to moisturize your lips.

Fine line reduction to avoid the emergence of vertical lines on your lips particularly for those below 30s.

It should blend with the shade of your lipstick or opt to buy a lipstick with plumping substances.

Proper wedding makeup can make your lips look more youthful and fuller.  Choose a good and skilled wedding makeup artist and trust her expertise.

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  1. Lip plumpers are gorgeous when used for going out and special occasions. It would be a good idea to try several different lip plumpers before the big day to find out which one you like best (and which one will not irritate your skin!!)

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