Wedding Makeup: Understanding the Different Kinds of Makeup Part 2

Dec. 26 A

Once you understand the various kinds of makeup, you will become more confident on choosing your wedding makeup style.

Dec. 26 B

Mascara is applied to the lashes to make them look longer, darker, thicker and fuller. Mascara is either in liquid or cream form and uses a small applicator wand. Invented in 19th century by Eugene Rimmel, a French perfumer, it is initially a mixture of petroleum jelly and coal dust. It has undergone several modifications and at present, is usually made from wax thickeners, color and water.

Dec. 26 C

Eyeliner is applied on the eyelids where the lashes grow to define the eyes. It takes the form of a pencil except that the tip is very soft. It is available in powder, wax and liquid forms.

Dec. 26 F

Rouge, popularly known as blush or blusher, puts extra color to the cheekbones for a rosier and youthful appearance. It is a mixture of talcum powder and color. A soft brush is used to apply this powder form. The cream blush is applied with a soft sponge.

Dec. 26 D

Complimentary makeup products refer to those used with other makeup items. This includes:

• concealer to hide dark eye circle, blemishes and other imperfection;
• face powder is used over the foundation to have a matte finish;
• lip liner is applied on the lip edges to define lips and to avoid the lipstick from going beyond the lip line.

Dec. 26 E

Understanding the different kind of makeup will help you to use them properly. It will also orient you to better understand what items to use for a better wedding makeup.

Dec. 26 G

Before I finally end this article, let me tell you that these makeup items are used on the face; but do you know that there is another item that is also consider under makeup products? This is the nail polish, which I will discuss in my next post.