Wedding Makeup: Understanding the Different Kinds of Makeup

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There are three classifications of makeup: for regular use, special occasions and theatrical. Wedding makeup, of course, falls under the special occasion category. This means that makeup for this occasion is different and so a different type of makeup product is used.

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Understanding the different kinds of makeup will help you to get the precise wedding appeal that you want.

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Let’s start with the Foundation. Foundation is used as a base to hide blemishes and flaws and to smoothen out skin tone. It is available in different shades, types and formulae like emollient and oil based. However, some of these formulations are not ideal for some women because they can block the pores.

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The most ideal foundation is the powder types. It is lighter compared to the oil types and offers more coverage. It also sticks on the skin better. Mineral foundation is getting more popular because it is lighter and offers excellent coverage than the other two.

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Next is the Eye Shadow. Eye Shadow is usually applied on the eyelids; but some apply shadow under the eyebrows, too. This kind of application puts the attention to the eyes to make them look more stunning. Application of eye shadow under the brows balances the eye color and produces dimension and depth.

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Get informed for an excellent wedding makeup look.