What to Remember for Your Wedding Makeup

Feb. 4 A

How they look is always a big concern for any bride. Finding the right color of makeup to use will definitely make a big impact on your wedding makeup.

Feb. 4 B

The foundation should agree with the natural tone of your skin. Make sure that the foundation will blend with your skin color whether the wedding is during the day or night.

Feb. 4 C

Eyebrows are very essential because it frames the face well. Have it shaped five days prior to your big day. The shape of the brow should match your face structure.

Feb. 4 D

For eye makeup, curl lashes and apply waterproof mascara to avoid any smudges when tears start to fall. False eye lashes can add more drama to your makeup. Choose eye shadow that matches the color of your dress and skin tone.

Feb. 4 E

Lip color should also match your skin tone. Beige or peach lipsticks will do justice to brides with fair skin tone. If you want to be dramatic, go for red or berry shards with a blue undertone. Lip color is vital in your complete wedding makeup look.

Feb. 4 F

Every bride should remember that even with good wedding makeup, hairstyle, dress and shoes, inner happiness will make you to glow even more so don’t let anything ruin that feeling.