Why Worry of Not Having Flawless Skin? Let Your Wedding Makeup Artist take Care of Your Looks

A flawless skin is your biggest weapon to look your prettiest on your big day. This does not mean that your face has to be naturally stain-free so brides with skin breakouts can relax. Besides, these can occur, whether you like it or not, due to the stress of the wedding preparation. You can fake an unblemished skin courtesy of good wedding makeup.

Follow these tips and you will look well on your big day.

Apply liquid foundation on your entire face.

Use stick foundation on areas that requires more coverage.
Apply concealer to hide under eye dark circles and other dark spots.

Use powder blush on your cheeks.
Finish off by applying a creamy pearl highlighter for extra luster on the apples of your cheeks and beneath the eyebrows.

Apply your chosen eye shadow and lip color. Spotlight only one and not both of your eyes or lips.

If you do not wear makeup regularly, hire a professional wedding makeup artist and tell her that you only want a natural makeup look. Natural makeup is ideal for those who are not used to wearing makeup. It is a better choice than no makeup at all.