Winter Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Medium Hair Length

Getting your hair ready for a winter wedding is quite tough. The cold can dry your hair and unwanted curls, frizz or flyaways can arise. In other words, hair can be unmanageable. To reduce your hair worries, settle to have a medium hair length, as it only requires less maintenance. Winter wedding hairstyles for medium hair is also aplenty. Check our suggested hairstyles.

The Classic Top Knot Bun.

Hair is tied into a high ponytail with a small loop left at the top of the crown. The remaining hair is braided, twisted or wrapped around the loop. Bobby pins are used to secure the bun.

The Twisted Bun.

Hair is parted in the middle to create two ponies. Both are twisted then braided together so both ponies are winded to make a single braid and fastened with elastic. The braid is twisted into a bun and secured with bobby pins.

The Messed-up Bun.

A ponytail is created either in the middle or on the side of the head and back combed messily. The pony is then gathered to make a bun and fastened with bobby pins.

The above winter wedding hairstyles for medium hair length are just a few suggestions. Don’t miss our next post for more simple yet elegant hairstyles for your winter wedding.