Winter Wedding Makeup Solutions

Dec. 18 A

Worried of dry skin and chapped lips for your winter wedding? Read on to see this winter wedding makeup solutions.

Dec. 18 I

Use liquid or crème foundations instead of powder. Choose a long-lasting formula that has gel-covered pigments to hide blemishes.

Dec. 18 C

Have blotting powders for touchups. These will make your wedding makeup light and fresh.

Dec. 18 D

Do not use the trendy eye shadow colors; use them for other occasions.

Dec. 18 E

Do not use electric or neon-colored lip colors to avoid lusterless lips. The classic colors of lipstick are better for brides. If you wish to use a vivid lipstick for an updated look, just remember not to choose the trendier colors.

Dec. 18 F

Avoid having glittery makeup on your big day. Choose a subtle luster makeup instead. Better yet leave the shimmery look to your accessories.

Dec. 18 H

A veil with embedded crystals is good for a winter wedding as this will glisten with the snow.

Dec. 18 G

Lastly, have loads of lip balm in your makeup kit. The cold may not cause melting wedding makeup and bring sweat; but you need to make sure that you do not get cracked lips either.