Winter Wedding: Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Opting to wed in winter offers you the opportunity to try an extraordinary wedding hairstyle. You can decide on a more intricate style and try applying some rich and various colors on your hair.

If your hair is fine and short, it can be static with the cold wintry air. Donning a sleek wedding hairstyle would be most appropriate for this type of hair. Part hair on the side and put a small amount of styling gel on your slightly wet hair to keep it in place. Style your hair by running your fingers gently and moving hair away from your face. You can squirt some hairspray if needed. Use a glittery barrette or an attractive flower comb to match your wedding dress.

The use of gemstones like pearls or crystals suits a wintry background perfectly. Add some delicate pearl or crystal hair accessories that will give out an interesting sparkle in the light. Place pearl beads to a simple hair comb to hold your hair whether in a loose or updo hairstyle.

What matters on choosing a wedding hairstyle is one that you are confident on wearing and is contented with the total outcome of your look.